House and Land Packages: a foot in the property market

It’s the great Australian dream: owning your own home. For many, being in a position to own a  piece of real estate is the single most important step towards laying down the foundations for the future. It’s more than just having a little slice of something to call our own…it’s about obtaining financial security and achieving that sense of having made it. But for a lot of people in today’s society, this great Australian dream now seems like more of an unachievable fantasy.

Let’s consider those poor generation Y’s and X’s for a minute. This is the generation who grew up thinking home ownership would occur naturally, you know, like one of those milestones that just seems to happen when you became a ‘real adult’!  Unfortunately, this just simply is not the case anymore.
Entering the property game in today’s market often requires a financial commitment many individuals, couples and families cannot meet. Our ever increasing living costs mean putting aside money for a house deposit is a task beyond comprehension. The question for people is, ‘How can I afford a mortgage when I can barely make my bills?’. And the harsh response is usually ‘You can’t!’.  No wonder more and more people are staying at home with their folks until their 30’s! Sure the home cooking is great at home but let’s be honest here, your own place would be awesome if you could afford it right?

However there is some good news here. Home ownership is becoming increasingly possible, as many hopeful home owners are being drawn to the benefits of housing options like home and land packages. For years now we have seen TV ads from developers like Dennis Homes, Metricon and more recently,  companies like Inspired Homes builders in Melbourne have joined the charge, all boasting varying levels of affordable housing options, great locations and importantly, ‘lifestyle’ features like lakes, parks and cafes. Once confined to the slick streets of the city, cafes and entertainment options are now an integral feature of many developments. Inspire Homes for example, place significant importance on these factors as they know and understand the lifestyle needs of today.
And as a result, the city slickers are leaving their inner city postcodes in droves! Gone are the days of estate living feeling like you’re out in the sticks; whilst many house and land packages are indeed located in some of the state’s growing areas, infrastructure and environmental design elements have become ever-more important in the conception and construction of such housing options. This means everything you need is on your doorstep. Furthermore, many are in fact attracted to the ‘quieter’ nature of estate living and hence the booming culture of young families who we see choosing house and land packages with increasing fervour.

And whilst many of us might still drawn to the bright lights of city or inner suburban living, the simple fact is we either can’t afford it or what we can afford, we don’t want i.e. not the ‘right’ suburb/area, no yard or outdoor space, needs expensive repairs and renovation… to name just a few.
So for the price of a dilapidated, small and yard-less flat in hipster central Northcote, you could be sitting back in your Inspired Homes development, your very own architecturally designed 3 bedder, where you’ll be enjoying the view of your manicured lawn from your al-fresco dining space in say, Torquay or Point Cook. Doesn’t sound too bad hey? This is house and land living!

Located in some of the state’s most up and coming areas, home and land packages are the ideal option for those looking to lay down the foundations to their future. The freedom to choose every element of your homes design, the opportunity to select a community that suits your taste and lifestyle needs are major  draw cards for individuals, couples and families. And the best part? You can afford it. And not only can you afford a home that you will be happy to live in for years to come, you have also made a very wise investment. House and land packages, like those available through Inspired Homes, are an astute property investment as their many features enable you have control over where and what you build and enjoy a healthy rental return as they attract high quality tenants.


House and land packages, like those offered by Inspire Homes, are a terrific investment idea for those looking to make substantial equity gains in a relatively short space of time. Leading property experts recommend investors consider the benefits of buying a property they immediately rent, all the while taking in impressive rental returns AND building equity to buy their dream home down the track. In many cases we see rental incomes matching or even surpassing mortgage repayments. Further to this, experts say it is not uncommon to see investors renting rather than living in their own home. The premise here is rather simple: if you are in a position to take on a serviceable loan, buy an affordable property that is guaranteed to see returns…and quickly!

Here are some more great reason to invest in a home and land package:

1. Freedom to choose your land & design your own home
What better way to bring the great Australian dream to life, than by designing your very own home and choosing your very own block of land. With options to suit every budget, you have the freedom to design every aspect of your new home; from number of bedrooms and colour schemes to kitchen and outdoor living spaces, you’ll work with designers to create your ideal space based on your specific needs.  Some home and land package customers aim to build a home that may have future rental opportunities, so during the design phase they are able to maximise features of the home that will attract quality prospective tenants.

2. Future Rental Investment opportunities
Attracting quality renters is easy when you have a beautiful, big and feature-filled home. You will enjoy high returns on investment, as many developed communities attract premium rental rates.

3. Save on Stamp Duty
Save thousands of dollars on stamp duty when you choose a home and land package. This is because stamp duty is only applied to the value of the land itself, as of course the house is not built yet.

4. Maintenance FREE
Newly built homes require less maintenance than older homes and little hard-work is needed to keep your new home looking slick! Although things vary a little from state to state, typically, new builds (including pictures and fittings) are covered by a builder’s guarantee.  This terrific back up is ideal in a rental situation, as maintenance and upkeep will mostly be covered within the builder’s guarantee.

5. Depreciation and tax benefits
In a new home tax deductions may be declared for depreciable assets for example, the construction cost of the building itself as well as its fixtures and fittings.The advantages of depreciation are considerable in a new home and should certainly not be overlooked.  A new investment home costing, say, $250,000 with $30,000 worth of fixtures and fittings will result in approximate reductions totalling $16,000 per year. Furthermore, landlords will enjoy benefits received from claiming for the payment of rates, interest and rental management.